How to Choose and Implement a Webcasting Solution

So you want to produce a webcast, perhaps for training, marketing, or sales. You envision a presentation involving a talking head video and PowerPoint, and maybe some extras such as chat and Q&A. Price is definitely a consideration, but you also want to know the trade-offs involved with choosing a lower-cost solution and when a higher-cost solution makes the most sense.

At a high level, you have three types of platforms to choose from. The most obvious choices are webcast platforms such as those provided by On24[1], MediaPlatform[2], and OnStream Media[3], but these are usually the most costly. The least-expensive option will usually be a live streaming service provider (LSSP) such as Livestream[4], Ustream[5], or YouTube Live[6]. Yet another option is conferencing solutions such as Google Hangouts on Air,[7] Adobe Connect[8], and[9], which started as purely collaborative tools but have evolved their toolsets to incorporate learning and webcast modules.

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