How to Choose and Implement a Webcasting Solution

Most conferencing-only solutions are internally focused and don’t offer these types of lead-generation and attendance-management tools. Typically, however, they are one of the key features added with the webcast-oriented modules.

At the most basic level, campaign tracking details which registrants come from which sources, so you can identify the best channels for attracting attendees. Even better, some systems allow you to map lead qualification to the source, so you can find which source delivers the best-qualified leads. The bottom line is, if you’re using your webinars for lead generation, find a system that provides the data necessary to evaluate their effectiveness.

As a workaround, if you use an LSSP or a conferencing service without registration capabilities, you can capture the same information via a standard mailing list manager. Create a sign-up page and send invitation emails with links to that page. Then, you can send reminder emails as desired, though obviously you won’t have the data to identify registrants who attended or failed to attend.

Calendar links are also simple to create to either embed in the registration page or send to registrants in an email. In Outlook, for example, create a calendar item for the event and save it in iCalendar format (.ics). When a registrant clicks on the file, it will open the calendar item in Outlook, which the user can save to insert the event into his calendar.

Video Quality

Since video is its raison d’être, video quality is another strength of the LSSP category, where all services can input HD video and most can deliver adaptive streams to desktop and mobile devices (Table 3). That said, HD video is essential for LSSPs because the entire presentation is a video stream. If you want to incorporate PowerPoint or a software demonstration into the webcast, you have to input this into a tool such as the NewTek TriCaster or Telestream Wirecast, which converts it into the video transmitted to the LSSP for streaming.

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